DC Pagan Pride has been held in the District of Columbia almost every year since 2001 and has been providing a place where local and regional pagans, animists, heathens, and earth-honoring peoples of various traditions (or none at all) can come together and celebrate community, make connections, and experience a sense of belonging in a world where so many of us feel isolated. Since 2013, this event has been sponsored by Connect DC/Reflections Mystery School. After a 2-year break, we are back and looking to mix things up a bit— with a new date, new location, new format, and more community participation.

We are creating one collaborative ritual event experience with different local groups creating and offering different aspects of a larger ritual experience. We believe that involving a wider spectrum of our community in a collaborative ritual experience will foster connections between people and groups, model a generative and cooperative vision of community, and bring in fresh ideas and energy – all of which can revitalize the region and each person who attends and participates.