What is Paganism?

Definition of Pagans and Paganism

A Pagan (or NeoPagan) is someone who self-identifies as a Pagan, and whose spiritual or religious practice or belief fits into one or more of the following categories:

  • Honoring, revering, or worshiping a Deity or Deities found in pre-Christian, classical, aboriginal, or tribal mythology; and/or
  • Practicing religion or spirituality based upon shamanism, shamanic, or magickal practices; and/or
  • Creating new religion based on past Pagan religions and/or futuristic views of society, community, and/or ecology;
  • Focusing religious or spiritual attention primarily on the Divine Feminine; and/or
  • Practicing religion that focuses on earth based spirituality.

(Source: Pagan Pride Project)

Frequently Asked Questions About Paganism

Does Paganism have a sacred text to follow?
Since Paganism is considered an “umbrella” term for many religions, traditions, and practices, there is no singular holy book or set of texts in Paganism. Some have texts they consider sacred and others have simply texts that support learning, and even more are considered “text-less”.

What is being a Pagan like?
Much like any other spirituality, Pagans in their activity and lifestyle vary as widely as their beliefs. While there are Pagans who prefer regular traditional physical gatherings, like churches, there are others who prefer solitary expression of their beliefs and spirituality.

Is Paganism a closed (or initiatory) religion?
Some Pagan religions/traditions are considered initiatory, closed, or invitation-only, others are open to any kind of practitioner.

Are you a Renaissance Fair? 
No, but many of us certainly do love dressing up in ritual garb of all types–including ones that look very much like Renaissance clothing. Feel free to dress in whatever you feel is comfortable and is, of course, appropriate for a public family-friendly event in a DC park.

Are you evil?
How many times do we have to answer this question? We are only evil when we haven’t have our caffeine fix. We are, after all, Pagans located in the DMV.

DC Pagan Pride welcomes all–Pagan and non-Pagan alike–to learn about Paganism and participate in our event.

We welcome any questions about our purpose, mission, and broader Pagan community. We do not claim to represent all Pagans, but we seek to provide a safe space where all can learn, dialogue, and experience in community.

Learn more about the DC Pagan Pride 2017 event.