We give thanks to one of our highlighted sponsors of DC Pagan Pride 2017: Theophania Temple of Athena and Apollon.

Theophania Temple has not only helped support the event, but will also host the closing ritual at 4PM on September 17th in Fort Reno Park.

About Theophania Temple

An excerpt from their Vision and Mission statements on their website:


Theophania Temple provides a home for Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, and Apollon, the Lord of Light, within the capital of the nation that rebirthed democracy into the modern world. Through the vehicle of Their temple, They may be present in the lives of humans and may influence humanity and human civilization in ways that advance our spiritual evolution.


To serve its vision, Theophania structures its activities along three lines:

  1. Rituals designed to strengthen the relationships between Athena, Apollon, and their retinues with humanity, including rites that serve the aims of these Great Ones, such as rituals that promote the spiritual evolution of humanity or the integrity of the processes of the polis.
  2. An oracle of Apollon so that He may speak directly using the body of His mantis.
  3. The rebirth of the Neoplatonic philosophical school and tradition within a contemporary Pagan context, embodying a truly Pagan approach to the quest for wisdom and Truth that blends logic, mysticism, abstract thought, and practical life applications for the individual and the polis.

We are grateful to have Theophania Temple’s participation and support. They have been integral participants of previous DC Pagan Pride Days.

Theophania Temple’s opening ritual at DC Pagan Pride 2016

Please consider supporting the local pagan community by sponsoring DC Pagan Pride Day 2017.

If you are interested in sponsoring, please email: localcoordinator@dcpaganpride.org

If you are interested in getting involved in other ways, consider donating or volunteering on the day of the event.


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