We would like to give thanks and recognize another of our featured sponsors, Rising Sun Outreach Ministry.

Rising Sun Outreach Ministry aims to be a place to find numbers to call, people to speak to, a supportive network. When you are a first responder (police, EMT, medical, hospice, or caregiver) you often have no one to turn to when you, yourself, are depressed, unable to function, need someone who has been there. When you are a harried parent raising a child who needs solid, informative, and caring advice for education, we can help you. Rising Sun Outreach Ministry is also a sponsor of:

  • Pagan Prison Ministry
  • Nature Awareness Adventures
  • Educating Our Own – Home School
  • A Company of Strangers – Theatre Ministry
  • Rising Sun Terreiro – Worship and Prayer Request
  • Washington Metropolitan Council of Governments Chaplaincy Networking Program

Learn more about their work at www.rising-sun-outreach-ministry.org

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