DC Pagan Pride Day is sponsored by many gracious organizations including Four Quarters InterFaith Sanctuary. Learn more about Four Quarters and sponsorship for the event here.

About Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary

Four Quarters was founded in 1995 to provide safe harbor for the practice of both indigenous and modern Earth Religions, and to help preserve their spiritual roots into the future. The following years have witnessed the organic growth of a truly Progressive Community, one that is firmly rooted in the natural Land of Four Quarters. As we move through our second decade, we have made tremendous progress from our very humble beginnings, with almost 350 Members in support of this Community of Choice. A Community that incorporates progressive ideas of Family, Ecology, Culture and Tribe; bound together by our diverse Earth Based Spirituality.

Four Quarters InterFaith Sanctuary Mission Statement

Four Quarters is a religious association of people, drawn to the Earth and its cycles, the natural world and its polarities; and seeing in them the manifest expression of spirit.

Protecting and furthering the growth of EarthSpiritedness; by maintaining the responsible and public identity of a Church, and providing the support of the Church to all people on allied paths; is a central mission of Four Quarters.

To hold, honor and care for the Land, in a ritually responsible and focused way; and to provide access to that Land for the spiritual needs of anyone; is a central mission of Four Quarters.

Fostering communication and cooperation among the people; by organizing open religious gatherings and festivals upon the land; is a central mission of Four Quarters.

The recognition, honor and preservation of the many different cultures and traditions that have developed, through time, similar expressions of EarthSpiritedness; is a central mission of Four Quarters.


Find more information about Four Quarters at their website https://4qf.org

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