We are delighted to introduce Queen Mother Imakhu: one of our featured speakers for DC Pagan Pride Day 2017. She will be presenting her class at 2:30PM on Sunday September 17th, 2017 at Fort Reno Park in NW DC.

Class Description: Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Runes

Tep Ra RENU is Queen Mother Imakhu’s exclusive, personally created and designed spiritual consultation and motivational deck, based on her research on the Khametic origins of the Nordic Elder Futhark runes. Using the original Khametic symbols that the Elder Futhark were based on, RENU (the limbs of Ra, or expressions of the Life Force of the NTR), is a powerful tool which our Ancestors, and the voice of the Divine, speak through. (Tep Ra means Divine Oracle.)

All of the art, layout, and logos are by Queen Mother Imakhu. This newly improved and updated deck also includes twenty-five Renu cards, and the 14 Kau of Ra cards (39 cards in total). These cards are round, and easy to handle. Backside is of Shenu Temple’s logo. For an exclusive time, the deck will come with a personal, instructional digital download video by Queen Mother Imakhu, explaining the cards, how they are used, giving insight into Khametic culture and beliefs, the meanings of the symbols, divination meanings, and the Elder Futhark rune correlations. Deck comes shrink-wrapped.

About Queen Mother Amaku

Queen Mother Imakhu is a motivator, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Khametic Elder and High Priestess, Water Priestess, yogini, educator, and cultural artist. She has spread the universal message of personal empowerment and harmonious living across the globe. Bringing her unique Shenuist voice to the metaphysical New Thought Movement, Queen Mother teaches Oneness and Higher Love from a Khametic (Ancient Egyptian) foundation, while including the wisdom teachings of world religions and philosophies.

Her research in Khametic culture, has resulted in the noted articles, African Khametic Origins of the Word “Witch,” and African Origins of the Global Fey Traditions. Her deck, Tep Ra Renu: Khametic Rune Oracle, was also birthed from Queen Mother’s extensive comparative research on the link between Scandinavian runes and Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

Queen Mother Imakhu was initiated into several paths: Ordained Healing Minister by Metaphysical Universal Ministries; Ordained Interfaith Minister Ordained Healer and Earth Keeper by Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards Congregations; Metaphysical High Priestess of Women’s Mysteries by Deloris Stevens of Children of the White Rose; Flame Keeper of Brigid, and the Handmaidens of Nubia lineage by Marjory Joyce; Ankh Carrier, Elder, and Queen Mother by her late godfather, Grandmaster Kham of Shrine of Khpra (Shrine of Ptah lineage); Nganga (Bantu Water Healer) by Mandaza Kandemwa of Zimbabwe (Shona/Ndebele lineage), and Michael Ortiz-Hill of New Mexico.

Queen Mother Imakhu founded Shenu Living Waters Universal Temple, which offers initiation into “Shenu-Khametic Yoga as Ministry.” Her websites are www.shenuyoga.info, www.queenmotherimakhu.info, and www.shenuuniversalministries.world.

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